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The woman is not only the seed but also the soil where the foetus is nurtured for nine months and brought into the world as a fully developed baby. having a baby in frightening and just about every woman needs support and information. No two individuals have a carbon-copy pregnancy. Each pregnancy is unique and individuals react quiet differently to this experience. This is where Lamaze comes in. Lamaze goal is to enable women to experience natural childbirth. To accomplish this, Lamaze teachs you what to expect from labor, how to cope with pain, what complications can occur, how to deal with them and most importantly Lamaze method teaches a series of breathing exercises designed to distract a laboring women’s mind from pain. The classes also cover exercises to tone the muscles of the back, feet ,pelvic floor, upper body etc.

ANTE NATAL CLASSES: By Pallavi Vaishya

Pallavi has over fifteen years experience in childbirth education, nutrition and ante natal and postnatal care. Her education from top Indian Medical Institutes, her subsequent training and practice in UK and return to India where she has derived a whole new programme, which blends modern mainstream medicine, Lamaze, naturopathy, and ancient art of yoga.

Understand the physiological changes you will experience during pregnancy. Among other things we will talk about birthing positions, relaxation techniques and massage techniques to support the laboring woman.

:: Ante Natal Fitness, Breathing and Nutrition and Birth Preparation ::

This programme gives advice, support and safe exercises throughout your pregnancy, helps plan a healthy diet during pregnancy and breast feeding. This course has 5 sessions of 2 hours each, over a period of 2 ½ weeks. One session includes support to expecting fathers, offering them information on vital issues related both to mothers and babies, how the pregnancy and birth affects mothers, how they can help her and what they should expect after baby is born and how they can contribute in its care the programme includes audio-visual aids.

Start this programme after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

You could choose either the morning batch or the evening batch ,from monday to saturday.

The antenatal classes have been compiled into a comprehensive programme which also covers baby care in terms of bathing, nappy folding, breast feeding, weaning etc. Pallavi at “Healing Touch Clinic” also provides diet counseling related to various disorders and exercise session for weight loss. Whatever you desire to achieve in life you require a healthy body keeping this in view. We dedicate our center to future health of our patients.

:: Ante Natal Stretching and Suppling Exercise ::

This programme aims to prepare you for natural childbirth. This is a fitness programme of exercises that help with stretching and suppling your body with a special focus to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and breathing.

You can continue with these classes throughout your pregnancy, even after you have finished the Ante Natal Classes,Join to get prepared for your second delivery by refreshing yourself with the breathing and exercises. Pallavi brings with her a unique blend of the Ante Natal Lamaze and yoga,through her training and experience in India and UK.
This is an ongoing exercise course with 2 hour sessions, once a week, start exercising after 20 weeks,(Fifth month until the ninth).

Course Fee:

:: One-on-one Ante Natal diet and nutrition advice and exercise programme ::

If you would like a one-on-one for advice on all you need to know on diet and exercise. Pallavi has over 15years experience in modifying exercise and diet plans for new mothers.

By Appointment : Rs. 500/- class


How Important is Antenatal Care?

The women is not only the seed but also the soil where the fetus is nutured for 9 months and brought into the world as a fully developed baby. Hence the total physical, mental and emotional development of the mother to her full genetic potential plays a very crucial role in deciding the total development of the baby. Generally the assumption seems to be that everyone has a carbon-copy pregnancy. This is far from true !
Each individual and each pregnancy is unique and people react quite differently to the experience. With the prevalence of nuclear families the would-be mother is ignorant of what’s happening to her body during pregnancy. How to cope with it, what to eat ,how much to eat, what is the normal weight gain, what are the complications, how to take care of the body, & what exercise can one do are the most common queries of the pregnant woman.

Making the pregnant woman aware of all the do’s don’ts not only gives an emotional boost but also helps a long way in preventing unnecessary complications. A pregnant woman should also know how much carbohydrate, protein, fat etc, to consume or it can lead to unnecessary complications like diabetes, hypertension, edema, obesity etc. Which can have a devastating effect on the baby as well. Antenatal classes will also cover relaxation techniques and special breathing techniques that can be performed during labour and which will help to experience a relaxed birth with little or no help from drugs. Exercises will help tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, feet and back which again aid in the comfort of the pregnant woman. One hour exercise session are also available for house wives, working women , people with diabetes,arthritis, etc. Individual diet counselling is provided for various problems like obesity , high BP , heart problems , diabetes , gout etc.


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