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Case Studies

1. I am a 50 years of housewife, who was crippled with arthritis involving many joints of my body. It all started very unexpectedly 15 years ago, when I was actively managing my house & could never believe that these joint pains will ruin my life to the extent that one time I lost all the hopes of getting better, until I was recommended by a family friend to visit Dr Vaishya at Apollo Hosptial, N Delhi., who investigated me in detail & said "that it is still possible for you live with a pain free & useful life with proper treatment". It gave me a new hope & after proper medications, & successful joint replacement of my both hips & knees, I have got a new lease to life. Now, I am back to my feet & actively pursuing my family & social life.

2. Football had been my passion & life time commitment as a professional national player. But one day, in a match everything got changed for me , when I was tackled by a player & injured my knee badly. Massage, physiotherapy, painkillers, strapping & braces etc failed to relieve my agony & I could not play anymore & got to a point of severe depression. I came to know about the key hole surgery (arthroscopy) through my friends & approached Dr Raju Vaishya at "Healing Touch" Clinic, where he got an MRI scan done to confirm that I had an ACL & medial meniscal tear. He offered me to treat by arthroscopic surgery & assured me of getting back to pre injury level in few weeks. I could not believe it initially, but got the courage & support from my family for the treatment. Arthroscopic knee surgery was wonderful & all my apprehensions about hospitals, operations & doctors were vanished quickly after my operation. Dr Vaishya confirmed that " the injured parts have been reconstructed well & I would have a good functional recovery, to the extent of going back to professional football again". I was on the top of the world after listening to these remarks & here I was 6 months after my operation, playing again for the country!

3. I am 67 years old housewife of a retired Income Tax Commissioner, who had enjoyed a good social status & decent quanlity life, until my knee joints started to pain & give way 5 years ago. Initially, I confronted with these pain with various painkillers, exercises, massages & various types of alternative treatments. But when they stopped helping me & medicines started to show up their side effects in the body, my quality of life style started to get affected severely to the extent that I started to avoid going out of house because of pain, difficulty in moving & bad limp. After hearing some successful stories of patients having cured after joint replacement, I looked for this possibility in India. To my surprise, it was available, in my own city by experienced surgeon in a world renounced hospital. Dr Vaishya replaced my both knees in a single sitting at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 5 years ago & now I can walk briskly 6-7 kms every day. These new joints have given a new lease to life & my quality of life has improved again, beyond expectations. Dr Vaishya has confirmed to me that "if these artificial joints are kept well, then they are expected to last for my rest of life!"

4. I am a 70 years old father of a US based doctor. I was barely coping with severe knee pain & disability for many years, until a relative doctor persuaded me to go for replacement of both the knees from Dr Raju Vaishya, after her mother's successful operation by him only. 6 months after my replacement surgery, not only I could visit my son in US, but have had a 2nd opinion from a top specialist in US about my knees. I was pleasantly surprised to hear his remarks "it is hard to believe that both the knees could be replaced simultaneously with such a good result in India & do such specialists exist in India?" Now after 1 year of my successful TKR, I have successfully persuaded my wife to have both her knees replaced as well, recently from Dr Vaishya.



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