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As part of the Apollo Hospital Group, one of Asia's largest and most trusted healthcare providers, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals brings together some of the most talented medical professionals from across the world, with the best of technology and working environment to ensure the highest standard of patient care. It has over 50 specialities with 260 specialists, 695 operational beds, 19 operation theaters, 138 ICU beds, 24 hour Emergency Services and a round the clock pharmacy. With the increasing demand and awareness of Joint Replacement Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals commissioned an exclusive department of Joint Replacement Surgery in early 2002. The specialised unit of Joint Replacement matches the best services in the world. Most advanced equipment; the desired high-tech operation theatres and latest surgical techniques have been employed by highly trained surgeons. The cost of such ultramodern facility has been matched to the lower end the competition.


1. Highly trained surgeons of International repute
2. Operation theatre with ultra clean air exchanges
3. Infection rates comparable to the highest standards in the developed countries
4. Nursing care specialized for all needs and demands of such patients
5. Latest equipments to surgeons 6. Most modern implants imported for use in our patients


  1. Total Knee Replacement
    Fixed bearing
  2. Partial Knee Replacement (Minimally invasive)
  3. Ligament Preserving Knee Replacement
  4. Partial Hip Replacement
    Fixed (low cost)
    Modular Bipolar
  5. Bone Conserving Hip Replacement
    Surface replacement (Birmingham Hip Replacement)
  6. Total Hip Replacement
  7. Metal on Metal Hip Replacement
  8. Ceramic Hip Replacement
  9. Shoulder Replacement
  10. Elbow Replacement
  11. Replacements of small joints of hands and feet

Department of Joint Replacement Surgery specializes in

1. Bilateral or multiple joint replacements
2. Revision joint replacements for warn out or infected joints.
3. Comprehensive care of joint disorders one root.



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